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Crystals As Vibe Decor

Crystals are a part of Mother Earth, connecting, balancing and harmonising. They connect with all living things, internally and with our energetic fields surrounding us.

The crystals are beautiful as decorative pieces, they also harmonize and elevate your environment.

Crystals contain the remarkable ability to transform, absorb, amplify and transmit. Crystals definitly can transform the energy in a space. You can magnify the effect of the crystals in your home by selecting particular crystals for each room. By placing diverse high vibe crystals in different rooms, each one of your spaces will take on a new lease of life. How many times have you felt the space heavy and not blessing you with good vibes? If so, you should consider what energies have been released there. Stressful events, breakups, death, parties and any other life events leave all manner of energies in your home or office. Use Crystals to create positive energies, clear negative energies, and harmonize and elevate the space.

The explanation for why crystals do what they do actually is very logical. In fact, crystals vibrate at their own frequency, the same way that the cells in your body and your chakras vibrate at their own frequencies. That means that when we come into contact with crystals these different frequencies meet and enhance your physical, emotional and spiritual balance. Energy is everywhere and crystals are the perfect conduit. The vibrations of crystals are known to change depending on the energy surrounding them, so every stone has a unique and different effect on each individual. Originally, crystal therapy was devised to balance the chakras and transform the energy properties of the body, resulting in a clear and positive energy field. When it comes to crystals, it is believed they would heal and renew the energy that naturally flows inside of you, which in turn heals your physical body.

Through my experience with these highly vibrating beings, and with all my access to best products directly from the mines of Brazil, I love being able to take them to homes, studios and offices so they can re-energize, protect and clean the environment. There are different ways in which I can offer this service according to the customer’s need and budget.

For more information, please contact me.

It will be a pleasure to answer your question.

Shine on!

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