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How to care for and energize your crystal

Crystals and Stones can be used for different purposes: activating, clearing or balancing the chakras, meditation or for harmonizing the mental, physical and emotional fields. To reach the goals effectively, you need to keep the stones and crystals clean and energized.  Only then will it be possible to use them to deal with any problem or situation, improve the quality of life and raise awareness.

Methods to Energize Crystals and Stones:

It is important that you establish an energetic and mental connection with your crystal as cleanliness works as a restart between you and your new friend.

Another thing to keep in mind that many traders do not talk about is that depending on the composition of each crystal not all can be washed with water and salt.  So before you start the process of energy discharge on your stone, study a little about the crystal you just bought.

In order for a stone’s energetic properties to return to their essence, almost all minerals must have a positive energetic stimulation from a source of nature.

For the energetic properties to return to the stones and crystals, they must receive a positive energetic stimulus from some external source.

This stimulus can be done in many different ways, but in order to facilitate this work,I have selected for you the energizing methods most acclaimed by the literature and crystal and stone experts.



 Solar Energization

Energizing Crystals with the Sun light basically consists of using the sun’s energy to activate the crystal.  It is recommended to be done by noon.

But beware, too much solar radiation can be aggressive to some colored crystals such as Amethyst and Citrine, so they should be exposed to the sun for up to 30 minutes.


Lunar Energization

It consists of exposing the stones and crystals to moonlight at night.  This type of energization also favors the stimulation of feminine, maternal and intuitive energies.


Since Moonlight is not aggressive to Crystals, we can leave them charging all night long, especially on the full moon where the frequency is even higher.


Energizing by contact

with nature

Energize Crystals and Stones by Nature, consist of leaving stones and crystals in contact with the Earth in an environment surrounded by vegetation.


This energization is also very effective in promoting the harmonization of energy fields.

As the energies of nature are more subtle it is necessary to leave the stones for 8 hours straight.


Energizing with

special crystals

Some special crystals have the power to charge themselves by drawing the life force energy of the universe into them.

Your energy can be transmitted to other stones and crystals simply by putting them in direct contact.


Crystals that can be used in this method: Selenite and also a Clear Quartz cluster.

Place your crystal or jewel on one of these stones and let them rest on it for a few hours.


Energization by the

laying on of hands

Consists of directing the life energy of the universe to the crystals using hands and willpower.

Calm your mind, relax for 3 minutes and then extend your hands towards the stone or crystal.


During the process mentally visualize the energy passing from the hands to the crystals.


Energizing by force

of the pyramids

The Pyramids have the ability to attract and direct vital energies within, which are concentrated at two thirds of their tip.

We can direct these energies to the crystals by leaving them for a few hours inside the pyramid.

For better capture we should use hollow pyramids (as pictured) made with metals or wood.

This method is very effective, but it is recommended to leave the crystal in the Pyramid for at least 24 hours.


Energizing by the

power of fire

We use a flame to lightly heat the crystal to produce an energetic stimulus in its material and etheric body.

This stimulation can be done only by passing the crystal near a not very hot flame, preferably a candle or burning wood.

The intensity of the flame need not be very strong, as what we need here is just a fire element stimulus, so avoid the flame of stoves, lighters, blowtorches, etc.

This procedure should not be performed by children or persons with physical difficulties that impair the handling of crystals in fire.

How often should we clean the stones and crystals?

It depends on how much we use the stones and crystals. In general, it is recommended to clean two to three times a month. 


It is important to note that if you ever feel that you need to clean or energize the stones, it is probably even necessary to perform the procedure.

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