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Cacao Coach Journey 1:1

Reconnecting with your inner self with Cacao.

Drinking ceremonial cacao in ceremony with intention is a wonderful gift that can transform your life, help you to unplug from the stresses and overwhelm that day to day life can bring.

Why Cacao?

Intentionally consuming Cacao has been a powerful ally that is massively supported me on my healing journey in living more fully and from the heart. Ceremonial cacao is a powerful tool to dive deeper into your soul, your most inner self. Balance your energy and treat your spirit. A unique experience to reconnect with the energetic space of your heart.

Why is this for me?

Experience the power and heart-opening effects of cacao by creating your own little cacao ceremony at home having all my support during this journey.

Be guided through a private and personalized cacao ceremony will take you to a place of expansion, unlock your heart chakra, bring you clarity and awareness and help you let go of past traumas and mindsets that have been holding you back and opening up to your authentic and empowered self.

You will learn everything you need to know about cacao medicine, how to be more compassionate with your self and others, and how to listen to the voice of your heart and your intuition in addition to enhancing your creative power.

This is an investment in you !!!

This is an amazing  journey that will transform your life as it transformed mine! It will be an opportunity to access the depths of your own inner knowing, gain clarity on the answers you may be seeking in life, illuminate your path, bring you creativity, release and heal emotional blockages, find inner peace and connect with other like minded souls. A ceremony is a safe and sacred space to be supported and guided in to your heart and back to the truth and essence of who we all are; LOVE.

This 1:1 virtual Cacao coach Journey is a wonderful opportunity and an incredibly powerful way to quieten down the every day external noise and mental chatter and unlock your own innate wisdom and your heart chakra. In addition of you have an unique opportunity to connect deeply with this heart medicine and learn a lot about it and yourself.

*4 weeks on-line program 

30 minutes discovery call 

Getting clear on the journey and goal.

Going deeper into your intentions of what you want to expand, what do you want to transform and what do you want to let go. 

8 sessions of 1hr:30 minutes video call  ( 2 sessions/ week )

On our first meeting I will teach you how to set up an altar, what elements you should put on it and what intentions we will focus on during our journey. I will share with you about the history of the magical Cacao from Guatemala.

Each session I will support and guide you using meditation, breathwork, kundalini exercises, music, sometimes dance, journaling and visualization techniques, as we journey together in to the truth of what is in your heart and soul. We will begin each session by bringing an intention and invoking Mama Cacao's spirit and drinking ceremonial Cacao together, the most potent, heart opening plant medicine in nature. MORE ABOUT CACAO 

I will hold a compassionate and non judgemental beautiful space for you to consider and move through the blocks and difficulties that may be holding you back, whilst supporting you with my own divine magic, as you cultivate greater self awareness, self trust and self love in order to discover the depths of your own power and sovereignty.

Each session will be designed according to our discovery call and your intentions. After each session you will receive a meditation and a journal guide so that you can properly integrate each ceremony and keep your energy high between each session. I will be available to accompany you throughout this month, holding space for you to go through any discomfort that the healing process may bring you.

I am a multi-passionate soul that honours your unique essence and as such, each of your sessions will be intuitively tailored to meet your individual needs in order to allow you to receive what you require in that moment and beyond.
I will bring to each session all my life experience and my skills as kundalini Yoga teacher, meditation coach and Cacao guardian.

So whatever comes up for you, just know that I will be in your corner, with your best interests at heart always.

What is included?

Our divine Ceremonial cacao gift box :

8 doses of our Ceremonial Cacao + 1 crystal candle +1 sage + 1 Mayan incense + one ceramic cup, a special personalized playlist and a personalized breath work and meditation that you will receive in the end of our 8th session.

“If light is in your heart, you will find your way home”. — RUMI

Cacao is honored as a gift from the gods and helps us shift down from the head into the heart. It is seen as a medicine that’s helps us transform and heal. Mama Cacao holds the vibrations of unconditional love and kindness allowing a loving connection with yourself and others. Cacao’s energy is healing, motherly and very gentle. Mama Cacao speaks to the heart. When we connect with the heart’s energy our voice may speak from a place of deeper intelligence carrying vibrations of peace.

"Whenever the balance between humans and nature becomes threatened, Ahau Kakaw ( Sacred Cacao) comes from the rain forest to open people’s hearts and returns us all to harmony.”

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