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Tiger’s Eye

Chakra: Solar Plexus
Element: Fire and Earth

Tiger’s Eye

It is a kind of opaque quartz (SiO2 – silicon oxide), streaked with gold and brown, with a silky sheen. It can be used on the splenic chakra and solar plexus. Synthesizes the energies of the sun and the earth.

In the splenic it fixates the elevated consciousness in the physical reality. It helps people become more practical, bringing optimism that leads to success. Help in cunning, in the survival instinct.

It is a stone for people who need greater confidence to achieve their goals. It helps recognize our inner resources and use them to realize our dreams. It is a stone that makes things uncomplicated, clearing our thoughts and helping us to see the various angles of an issue. It is good for studies. The Tiger’s Eye contributes to finding the most advantageous and positive way to reveal one’s own energy or inner light. It attracts sympathetic people and material goods to those who use it.

It is beneficial for asthma and lung disease, purifies the blood and digestive organs of alcohol and drugs.

It is stimulating and helps to shape ideas and visualize reality, as well as to connect with people in the past and the karmic ties between them.

The shamans use against envy, evil eye, witchcraft, finally as protection, as talisman. The stone connects us with our inner feline, with our cunning to get away from negative situations.

In the solar plexus a direct flow of higher energies can be observed entering the body, creating a sense of general well-being.

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