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Blue Kyanite

Chakra: All, especially Third Eye 6th
Element: Storm ( referred to as Ether Spirit)

Blue Kyanite

Blue Kyanite is a super spiritual protection stone capable of breaking and blocking all attacks of negative forces. It is related to the strength of Archangel Michael’s Blue Ray

Its high frequency vibrations stimulate and arouse intuition, facilitate meditation and strengthen our psychic, spiritual and mental abilities.

It is great for meditations for evolution or in times of battle, physical or spiritual, as the energy emanating from it will give you more strength and determination.

It is a powerful instrument linked to the Venus Planet and the water element. It works like a sword, able to cut energy cords, expel negative influences, dissolve negative thought patterns, nullify negative spells done against the person, and while “slashing” all these, already “heals” the auric field.

This stone is very sensitive, so if you want to have one, keep in mind that it must be handled carefully so that it does not break.

This stone interferes with three chakras: the tenth, the sixth and the fifth.

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