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Black Tourmaline

Chakra: Root 1st
Element: Earth

Black Tourmaline

It is a striated stone, it soon grows vertically and its energy moves vertically. Every striated crystal is an energy field activating crystal, that is, it activates stagnant, stuck energy fields, giving energy movement.

They are the prime example of electrically charged minerals when subjected to temperature change. It receives electrons from the atmosphere and generates electricity, also being called “Electric Stone”. It accumulates and supplies negative ions that strengthen people’s vital energy.

Black Tourmaline does not need cleaning because it is a self-cleaning crystal. Its stretch marks make the movement of the energies and being a black stone pulls the energy and gives it back giving movement.

It is one of the most used stones in environments where there is a lot of movement of people, places of care, places where situations can get more complicated. She is the stone that will always pull and renew the energies. Create around us a shield of protection.

It is great when used in meditation and should be placed at the base of the spine with a white quartz crystal at the other end at the nape of the neck, working in polarization and cleaning the subtle channels of the spine.

It stimulates the nervous system, regulates body temperature, respiration, heart rate, hormone rate and increases the body’s defense.

In attendance its use is in the feet or the basic chakra, providing a protective shield against all negative energies.

The biggest benefits of Tourmaline are:

• Helps metabolism

• Helps eliminate toxins and purifies the blood

• Energizes and activates mood

• Helps cell renewal

• Reduces skin blemishes and roughness

• Reduces cellulite, eliminates acne and stretch marks

• Relieves arthritis, arthrosis and rheumatism pains, muscle aches • Relieves PMS and menopause symptoms

• Fight insomnia and constipation

• Relieves chronic symptoms of bronchitis and asthma.

• Regulates appetite

• Accelerates fatigue recovery and boosts immune defense

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