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Chakra: Throat 5th, Heart 4th
Element: Water


Aquamarine has its blue tone of sea and sky, has the calming effect that reduces stress, calms the mind and elevates spirituality.

It provides good mood, clarity of thought and general well-being. Aquamarine is a symbol of happiness, youth, vitality and spirituality. It reduces stress, purifies energies around, calms the mind, arouses high states of consciousness and gives a very deep sense of inner peace.

This crystal fights the forces of darkness, facilitates communication with light beings, favors meditation, and blocks the negative thoughts of others.

To elevate spirituality, awaken intuition, and have revealing dreams, sleep with her under the pillow or meditate with her next to you.

For spiritual protection, use it as a jewel. To protect your home, choose a larger size aquamarine and leave it in a fixed place in the environment.

For therapeutic purposes, leave it on the abdomen, relax and imagine a clear, blue-green light coming out of it and covering your entire body.

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