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  • About Unah Piracanga
    WE CARE FOR THE ENVIRONMENT SOLAR ENERGY Our energy is 100% solar and we are disconnected from the public grid. We have a backup generator if necessary. It is not possible to use equipment that has electrical resistance such as: a hair dryer, flat iron, iron, etc. In the heart of Unah, nestled within the lush landscapes of Piracanga, Bahia, lies an innovation that harmonizes with the rhythms of nature—our dry toilets. These are not merely facilities; they are a testament to our commitment to preserving the pristine waters that grace our surroundings and transforming human waste into a resource that nurtures the earth. At Unah, we understand that water is the lifeblood of our planet, a precious commodity that must be conserved with care and respect. Traditional toilets, which use vast amounts of water for flushing, stand in stark contrast to our ethos. This is where the magic of our dry toilets comes into play. By eliminating the need for water in the disposal of human waste, we significantly reduce our ecological footprint, safeguarding the waterways that meander through Piracanga, ensuring they remain untainted for generations to come. But the enchantment does not end with water conservation. Our dry toilets are alchemists, turning what is commonly viewed as waste into black gold—compost. Through the natural process of composting, human waste is transformed into a rich, nutrient-dense material that breathes life back into the earth. This compost is used to enrich the soil, supporting the lush flora that adorns our sanctuary and creating a cycle of life that is both sustainable and beautiful. This transformation is not just physical but symbolic, embodying the principles of renewal and regeneration that Unah stands for. It serves as a powerful reminder that what we take from the earth, we must give back in equal measure, fostering a relationship with nature that is based on mutual respect and gratitude. The look and feel of these spaces have been thoughtfully designed to ensure that, despite their innovative function, they retain the familiarity and ease of use characteristic of conventional restrooms. Each unit is equipped with a comfortable toilet seat, a hygienic shower, and toilet paper, mirroring the conventional bathroom experience to which most are accustomed. The only departure from tradition lies in the absence of water flushing. Instead, after each use, a handful of sawdust is sprinkled into the toilet. This simple, yet transformative act, serves a dual purpose: it aids in drying the compost and significantly reduces any potential odors, making the experience not only environmentally friendly but also pleasantly sanitary. The sawdust, a seemingly mundane material, plays a crucial role in the composting process, helping to create a balance that accelerates the transformation of waste into compost. Our dry toilets are a reflection of our broader vision at Unah—a world where human beings live in harmony with nature, where every action is taken with mindfulness of its impact on the planet, and where sustainability is not just an ideal but a lived reality. They are a call to our guests from around the globe to rethink their relationship with nature, to see the potential for transformation in every aspect of their lives, and to be inspired by the possibilities of a more sustainable world. As you embark on your journey of self-discovery with us, let the humble dry toilet be a source of inspiration, a reminder of the power of innovation and the beauty of living in alignment with the earth. Welcome to Unah, where every detail of your experience is carefully crafted to not only transform you but the world around us. BIODEGRADABLE PRODUCTS Water treatment is done locally with natural systems. Because of this, it is only allowed to use hygiene products (soap, shampoo, deodorant, etc.) that are 100% biodegradable. Our guests already receive a basic kit. If you want more options, we have them available at the Plante! store, the local community laboratory that produces these products. WASTE All generated waste ("garbage") is separated and sent to the appropriate places: Organic: they are composted and become fertilizer for our soil. Dry: they are cleaned, separated, and sent for recycling Non-Recyclable: they turn ecological bricks from a pet bottle to build walls in an ecological way. DRY TOILETS The dry toilet technology makes it possible to transform urine and feces into a rich fertilizer for the soil, and even more: without contaminating a single drop of water! Because of this, all public toilets (outside the rooms) at Unah. Piracanga is dry, and some huts, located closer to the mangrove, also use this ecological technology. At Unah Piracanga restaurant, we believe that our relationship with food can revolutionize the world. We cook 100% plant-based meals, healthy and with a fine touch of sophistication. We prioritize organic and local ingredients, prepared with a balance of flavor, texture, and aromas. Our dishes are plentiful and ensure that our audience leaves satisfied.
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