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Our Mission

Women owned business

As a Brazilian immigrant with English as my second language and as the first woman in my family to own her own business and command her own life, I am amazed and feel grateful to be where I am today because I had the courage to follow the voice of my heart  and the right tools to let my intuition guide me.

Part of Rama’s mission is to inspire and empower other people to be your true self, to be disciplined, courageous, and to deliver their dreams unto themselves. 

Fair trade production 

We believe in a sustainable world environmentally and socially. There is a positive energy exchange when all sides of the trade are winners. All our jewelry and cacao are fair trade. We believe that the best way to know whether your product is organic, or fair trade is to simply know your producers and your farmer. We visit whenever we can the cacao farms and farmers in Guatemala. We travel to the southern most reaches of Brazil to get to know better our jewelry producers and the mines from which the crystals came.

Our jewelry is made in Brazil and our organic Cacao comes from Guatemala.

All of our products are made with love, are eco-friendly and fair trade.  



Transform lives

"Go within to get beyond"


Helping to support well being, trauma healing, balancing chakras, and nervous system aligning body, mind and spirit so you can live in harmony being your authentic and empowered self.

My work with clients is highly intuitive; with each client presenting different areas to focus on, resulting in different methods, tools, and energetic practices that are offered.

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Our Cacao

Our Cacao is organic and produced in a small-scale locally owned farmers from Guatemala, Lake Atitlan.
Each batch of cacao is carefully fermented, dried, and toasted. The artisanal processing of the seeds allows an extraordinarily high-quality control. Hand peeling by women’s collectives to ensure that each bean is in the perfect state. The 15 women of this collective reestablished an old regional tradition of cultivating cacao in a beautiful way that provides their community with abundance and stability. The recent success of their delicious production allows them to develop their artisan workshop and propose an authentic quality of single-origin cacao. By supporting our Cacao you are supporting directly over 135 indigenous women and children of Guatemala.

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