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Lets Do Something Together?

Tell me your idea…

Through my own experience, I now recognize that we are part of creation. Creation operates on the principle of flowering. The sun gives. The earth gives. The rain gives. Then, the plants flower. The food is grown. Fruits ripen.

Mother Gaia is present here in each of us women, and she wants to see us also in this natural flow of creating, giving and receiving. From that cycle, consciousness evolves in so many forms on the earth

True prosperity does not come from accumulating as many earthly possessions as possible. True prosperity happens when our own being comes into a state of flowering. Each of us has something unique to share. Each of us has our own medicine.

When we walk the path of our soul’s calling, our true purpose, that is prosperity!

As a collective, we at Rama, build community to support our needs as earthly human beings.

Contact me if your creative energy flowers.

Let’s create something together!

With love,

Clarice , Daleep RaMa

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