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Chakra: Third Eye 6th, Crown 7th, Etheric 8th-14th
Element: Wind/ Air

Selenite is a white stone also found in Brazil and the USA. It acts on the transpersonal chakras above the head, especially in the tenth, in the “Heart Star”, cardiac, frontal and coronary. Most Selenite Crystals are striated, meaning that their long parallel lines crossing their interior activate, strengthen and channel high frequency energies. These stretch marks act as the path to enlightenment. Due to her stretch marks, the Selenite has the ability to convey the essence of higher-octave spiritualized feeling to human emotion. With the Selenite we can more clearly perceive deeper aspects of a situation, better understanding what is on the surface and what is on the bottom. It enhances higher angelic awareness, with strong attachment to our light body, helping to anchor it in the vibration of the third dimension. Selenite can be used as a protective crystal, creating a protective grid around our home, making it immune to outside influences. Use of your staff releases entities attached to the aura and prevents the mind from being affected by such influences. Because it is a very sensitive crystal, we should not feed negative thoughts or attitudes while we are with them, as they can fracture or break. This mineral also has solubility properties, so it should not be left in contact with water for long.

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