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Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

Sat Nam!

“Kundalini Yoga helps you connect with your higher self, brings you physical and mental balance and turns energy into action.”


Kundalini yoga transformed my life and by the call of my heart I became a teacher and a channel of these sacred teachings. Through my own experience, I want to share with you every tool for raising energy and healing through Yoga, Meditation classes, body movements and Crystals.

My  mission is to facilitate experiences for the expansion of consciousness, connection with the elements of nature and unblocking of the chakras to facilitate the connection with our essence.

My  journey as a holistic teacher and therapist has gone through places like Conscious Medicine in Rio de Janeiro, Woman’s Camp in New Mexico, Piracanga Holistic Center in Bahia -Brazil, and DiniviTree in California.

Each class includes quick guided energy-anchoring meditation for connection, pranayamas (breathwork), posture sequence – Kryas, sound bath, relaxation and meditation where I often use mantras, drumming  and crystals.

*My classes can go from 1 hour to 1 hour and 30 minutes.

*I also offer a 45 minute meditation class. 

I am also offering personalized on-line classes! 

I created a special program based on my own experience and on the results that I have obtained with some students.

This program can be individualized to have the option to include :

-ChakraDance Class ( meditative dance)

– Breathwork 

-Kundalini yoga and meditation classes

-Yoga or meditation classes for couples

-Yoga for parents and Kids

-Kundalini Aerobic (The perfect combination of physical practice and spiritual expansion).


We can create a customized package  ( 4 / 8 or 16 classes) according to your needs and your lifestyle!


As a bonus included in this program, you will receive a session where I personalize a meditation and some exercises that fit your daily life, so that you can continue the practices keeping your energy always high.

“Each class is designed to awaken your spirit, strengthen your body  & tone your mind.”


Everybody, all levels are welcome!


*The classes can be in person or on-line. 

Sat Nam!

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